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Men who have a problem producing a semen sample on the day of egg collection or who have had a procedure or illness that may impact the production of semen may opt for sperm freezing.

You may want to consider sperm freezing if:

  • You are about to have medical treatment that might impact fertility
  • Your sperm count is low or decreasing in quality
  • You are concerned you cannot produce a sample on the day of your egg collection

Sperm freezing - the process

A fertility nurse will explain the entire process to you. You will need to provide legal consent (in writing) to having your sperm stored. The consent form also includes:

  • Instructions for what should be done with your sperm in the event of illness or your death
  • Instructions on how long we should store your sperm
  • Instructions as to whether your partner can use the sperm later and (in the event of your death) whether you wish to be recorded the father of any child born out of a fertility treatment
  • Instructions on the use of your sperm for research or donation
  • Any other instructions pertaining to the use of your sperm 

You can change your instructions at any time. Please contact us directly to make any changes.

You will need to have blood tests to screen for infectious diseases such as:

  • HIV
  • Hepatitis B (antigen and core antibodies)
  • Hepatitis C

We will need hard copies of the test results before freezing can begin.

On the day of your appointment you will need to produce a semen sample. This sample will be gradually cooled and then frozen in liquid nitrogen vapour. We store all samples on-site in storage tanks that are continually monitored. 

Please notify us of any changes in your contact details. We will need to contact you annually and notify you when your storage period is coming to an end.

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