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Vitamins (Vital amines) are essential substances required in small amounts for normal body function from the normal diet.

A varied diet usually includes all vitamins you need.

In developed countries vitamin deficiency most commonly occurs in people with alcohol and drug dependency, the elderly and those on a poor diet. Vitamin D and B12 may be lacking in vegans, who eat no animal products. The body can produce vitamin D from exposure to sunlight. Diseases affecting the gut can also result in vitamin deficiency.

Vitamin supplements in a healthy person who has a varied diet should not be needed and can be harmful if taken in excess. The therapeutic value of vitamins as a treatment is unproven e.g. vitamin C in cold prevention, vitamin B6 for pre-menstrual tension (PMT) and vitamin E to improve well-being. However, vitamins are used to treat some conditions that are not due to a deficiency such as vitamin D for the treatment of osteoporosis (combined with other treatment) and vitamin A for acne.

Our vitamin screen monitors Vitamin A, B1, B2, B6, C, E and Beta Carotene. Your consultant will discuss your screen results with you and may recommend treatment based on the findings.

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