How do I use the App?

The short video below will walk you through how to use the app. Read on if you have further questions.

Can I still book classes through

Yes, all members with an account can book through either the App or the website. If you are a member, but do not have account details to log in with, contact your home club to get set up or check our FAQs here.

Please refer to our Class Booking Etiquette guide >

What can be booked through the App?

The App is currently for group exercise class bookings only. All other bookings need to be made in the usual way.

Is the App free?

Yes. The App is free to download and use. Search for 'Nuffield Health My Bookings' in the App Store or Google Play store.

Is the App compatible with all smartphones?

The App is compatible with all Apple phones. The App is only compatible with Android phones using software version 6 or higher - the Google Play Store should automatically detect if your device is compatible or not, please refer to that if unsure using the device you intend to use with the app.

Can all members use the App?

All members who have a account can use the App. If you are a member, but do not have account details to log in with, contact your home club to get set up.

Will the App send me any notifications?

We are working on a future enhancement to the App that will notify you when you move from the waitlist into the class. This will be sent through push notifications. As with other Apps, you will be informed when this update is available to install.

Is the App tablet compatible?

No, the App is only for use on Android phones and Apple phones. If you are able to download/sync the app to your tablet device, it will not work as intended as tablets are not supported by the app, so we recommend removing it.

Why does the App make me log in each visit on an iPhone?

You may need to clear your cache or cookies - please use Apple's guide on how to do this >

Are there any advantages to using the App over the website?

  • When you book a class, it will appear in your mobile device's native calendar. So, if you have your calendar set up to remind you about appointments, you'll be reminded ahead of a class too (please note: you may need to edit your calendar settings to enable these synced appointments).
  • You can book and cancel your classes, as well as check on what you're booked into conveniently when you're on the move.

Can I book classes using the App when I'm offline?

No, you need to have with 3G/4G or be connected to WiFi in order to complete a booking or cancellation.

How far in advance can I book on the App?

As on the website, you can book classes on the current day and for 8 days in advance i.e. a 9 day booking window.

Can I book at other gyms outside of my home club?

Yes, you are able to book at other gyms, if your membership package entitles you to.

Can I add classes to my calendar from the App so I can see my bookings?

Yes, the App will add all your classes to your device's native calendar. You are able to disable this functionality should you wish (for some devices you may need to enable syncing bookings to calendar by editing your calendar settings). 

You are also able to set your own reminders from the App e.g one hour, two hours, one day etc. before the class.

Can I share bookings to calendars across multiple devices?

No, we don't currently support this type of synchronisation.

We do not recommend using shared calendars (such as Google Calendar) with the app, as the data settings for shared calendars vary by device, and are unlikely to support the app in all devices.

If you intend to use the app and share bookings to a calendar, we recommend just using that one mobile device for all your booking activity. If you book a class via the website your booking won't sync to your mobile device's calendar.

If I remove a class from my calendar, is that the same as cancelling my place in the class?

No, removing the class from your device's calendar will not cancel your place. To cancel your place in the class you must use the App. View 'My Classes', tap and select cancel. 

When cancelling a class, please refer to our Class Booking Etiquette guide >

I didn't receive an email about the App?

We're sorry to hear that. You are still able to access, download and use the App, even if you did not receive the email, simply follow the instructions in the video above or contact us.

What if I have problems accessing or using the App?

Our support centre team is available to assist you if you have any queries. Please call them on 0300 123 5084.