About this Benefit 

A lot of us would like to lose some weight and have tried so many times before. We’ve counted our calories. Started exercise regimes that we never stick to. Tried the latest miracle pound-shredding diet. And we all know that they only work in the short term.

At Nuffield Health we look at things differently. We believe in finding the right balance and creating an individual plan that will help you lose weight - and keep it off. 

Because your health and wellbeing matters to us, we are delighted to be able to offer you access to this unique programme at a rate of £108 for the full programme, which represents a generous discount only available to Nuffield Health employees.

Over the 12-week programme, our expert team will be on hand to give you all the advice and encouragement you need. 

The programme includes:

  • 2 individual consultations  with a Nutritional Therapist to fully understand what may be missing from your diet
  • 2 individually tailored exercise sessions with a Personal Trainer to design an exercise plan that suits your lifestyle
  • Weekly group exercise sessions to meet others on the same journey
  • Expert led food clubs in which you discuss dieting myths, get information on food and great tips on how to make healthy food choices
  • 2 HMOTs , at the beginning and the end of the 12 weeks to help you to know how your body is changing, not just losing weight, but getting healthier too.
  • On-going support once you have been through the programme to help you stay on track ( a nutrition check with a NT and a HMOT 1 month after the programme) 

The small group format means spaces are strictly limited to only 16 members per site. 

We understand that everyone's different, so we have a variety of activities and resources available so you can choose a weight loss path that suits you. From our personalised coaching to group-focused activities, everything we do is designed to help you find a healthier, fitter you. We hope you enjoy the journey!

How to Enjoy This Benefit 

You can book your place in the programme at your preferred Fitness & Wellbeing Centre  by contacting Reception. Please let the team know that you are a Nuffield Health employee when booking, and give them your payroll number as proof. Alternatively, please email Wellbeing.Fitness@nuffieldhealth.com if you want to join the programme at the Epsom Support Centre.

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How is the Healthy Weight Programme different from other weight loss programmes?

At Nuffield Health we take a different approach. Most programmes only look at one thing: diet, calories; the merest hint of an exercise schedule. But a Nuffield Health membership gives you so much more. 

Our Healthy Weight Programme is based on a set of key principles for sustainable weight loss and healthier living.

1) Healthier food choices: our Nutritional Therapists will teach you about the best way to balance your diet and get the most out of what you eat
2) Regular physical activity: together, we will create an exercise plan that fits perfectly with your weight loss goals and your lifestyle.
3) Improved health, energy, sleep, digestion and emotional resilience: our plan helps you improve your overall weight, but boosting your health – affording positive long-term effects on your overall wellbeing
4) Practical group support: from group exercise classes to food clubs, knowing that there are other people facing the same challenges, and having professional support to guide you, can help a lot
5) Behavioural change: we work with you to analyse your diet and lifestyle. After all, small victories ultimately become long-term successes

Who can use this benefit?

This benefit is available to employees only. Bank workers, self-employed workers, consultants, and other workers on a Nuffield Health site who are not Nuffield Health employees, are not eligible.

Can my family and friends enjoy this discounted benefit?

Your partner and children can also enjoy the discounted Healthy Weight Programme sessions, if they are registered at the same address as you.  

How much will it cost?

The cost of the programme is £108 for the 12 weeks.

How do I pay for the discounted sessions?

You can pay in full at Reception with cash, credit card or debit card at the time of booking. Alternatively, you can pay in three instalments of £36 each, which will be collected by Direct Debit. 

If you are attending the programme in Epsom, payment can be made by UPAY.

What happens if I cannot attend one of the sessions?

Please give us at least 3 working days’ notice if you wish to cancel, and reschedule your booking within 5 days.

Where can I find my nearest Healthy Weight Programme centre?

Please refer to the list of available centres 

Do I have to be a member of a Fitness & Wellbeing Centre in order to participate in this programme?

No, you do not need to be a member in order to enjoy this benefit.