We offer several procedures, depending on why you’ve been referred – from routine cardiac screening for elite athletes, to ruling out cardiac problems if you’ve had chest pain, palpitations, dizzy episodes or upper respiratory issues.

During your consultation, the cardiologist will discuss the reasons for referral. You’ll need to give us your medical history and that of your family to help us establish any family hereditary links.


  • ECG: Short for electrocardiogram, this routine test is used to pick up abnormal heart rhythms.
  • Echocardiogram: This test would be done if any abnormalities are picked up on the ECG. It uses ultrasound to take a closer look at the 4 chambers to detect any thickening of the heart.
  • ETT: An exercise tolerance test involves being wired up to the treadmill and pushing your heart during exercise. This test can establish if any conditions or symptoms are elevated as a result of extra stress on the heart. Often we find that abnormalities are normal in athletes due to low resting heart rates, so we use this test to determine if the patient may be at risk of sudden cardiac death and we can keep them under regular observation.
  • Cardiac MRI: This test allows us to see if there is any scaring around the heart, and will determine whether the patient can carry on doing normal sports and activities. This procedure is carried out in radiology and involves being in the scanner for around 1 hour. It’s performed if deemed necessary.

How to prepare for your appointment

Before you attend, we’ll normally ask you to fill out a health screening questionnaire.

We also advise you bring the following for ETTs:

  • shorts
  • a towel
  • adequate running shoes.

You’ll be advised at each step of your appointment if you need further testing and the decision is made based on the results from each test.

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