You will need a referral letter from your GP or gynaecologist. Referrals can be sent to or post to the following address:
Nuffield Health Assisted Conception Services,
5 Hill View Road,
GU22 7HW

Referral letters should state partners’ names, dates of birth, as well as your address and a contact phone number (home and mobile). In addition results of any previous tests or investigations will help us assess your needs for treatment.

On receipt of your referral letter we will send you an information pack including details of any tests or investigations that will need to be done before your initial consultation, as well as dates you will need to visit our unit for a semen analysis (if necessary) and your first consultation. The pack will also include profile forms that both partners must complete. 

Please read this information carefully and call us with any questions regarding the information or filling out the profile forms.

What if the appointment times are not convenient?

Please call our appointment line on 01483 357 710 if you need to arrange alternative appointment times. 

Is there a waiting list for treatment?

We will see you as soon as possible. Sometimes there can be a delay of a few weeks depending on availability of appointments. Please note that you can request to see a specific consultant. 

What do I need to bring to my first consultation?

Included in your information pack is a checklist with details on the documents you will need to bring with you to your initial consultation. Don’t forget to bring your passport and a photo for your file (both partners). Due to the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act, we are unable to approach your GP or consultant for treatment information prior to both partners giving written consent at your initial consultation. Please bring any results or treatment information that you have pertaining to your care. 

What happens during my first consultation?

Both partners must attend the initial consultation. First you will meet with a nurse co-ordinator who will discuss your completed profile forms and your test results.

Your appointment with the consultant will follow this meeting. We understand all this information can be overwhelming so you encouraged you to write down any questions you may have in advance as well as note the answers during your visit.

After meeting your consultant the nurse co-ordinator will then discuss your individual plan of action and needs.

To learn more about specific treatments visit our fertility treatment pages.