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Are you tired of trying to hide a tattoo which you no longer want? At Nuffield Health Plymouth Hospital our experienced laser nurses specialise in laser tattoo removal treatment and can help remove your tattoo through a number of laser removal sessions.

Why choose Nuffield Health Plymouth Hospital for your tattoo removal treatment?

Nuffield Health Plymouth Hospital has built an excellent reputation of providing first class clinical care since opening its' doors in 1971. Our traditional matron-led nursing team provide 24-hour care that's tailored to your individual needs, whilst ensuring the highest of hygiene standards are maintained.

We take great pride in maintaining your privacy and dignity at all times, ensuring you're as comfortable and relaxed as possible throughout your stay with us in Plymouth.

How to book your tattoo removal treatment in Plymouth 

If you are interested in getting a tattoo removed, you can start your journey to ink free skin by arranging a free consultation with one of our experienced laser nurses to discuss treatment and the tattoo you want removed.

To book, please call our dedicated hospital enquiry team on 01752 788088 or fill out a contact form above.

What type of laser is used?

At Nuffield Health Plymouth Hospital we use a Q- Switched Ruby Laser for safe and effective tattoo removal. The Ruby laser has a dense and even laser beam making treatment very precise without damaging the surrounding skin.

Is tattoo removal safe?

Our tattoo removal treatments are carried out in a safe clinical environment by highly trained Registered Nurses who have many years of experience of laser use and are qualified in the Core of knowledge and BTEC in Laser Light and Associated Aesthetic Therapies. We are committed to providing you with the very highest levels of standards, service and care.

How much will it cost?

Before commencing with treatments you will firstly need to complete a medical questionnaire. A free consultation and patch test will be then be carried out to assess suitability for treatment and determine the most effective energy for treatment. Prices start from £35.00 for a small tattoo.

How many treatments will I need?

No tattoos are the same and the number of treatments depends on several factors: if it is an amateur or a professional tattoo, type and quality of the ink, colour and density.

A series of treatments are required for full tattoo removal and this can be between approximately six to fifteen treatments. We can also do fewer treatments to fade the ink to allow a cover up tattoo or a different design to be applied the area. Treatments are carried out six to eight weeks apart to allow the body time to remove the pigment

What happens during a treatment session?

You will be given a pair of protective eye shields to wear during the treatment session. The treatment head of the laser is directed over the tattoo where the laser beam shatters the tattoo ink into tiny particles without harming the surrounding skin. The shattered ink particles are removed from the body by the lymphatic system.

Is treatment painful?

Laser tattoo removal does involve some discomfort but we cool the skin before, during and after treatments, we prefer not to use numbing creams as this may reduce the effectiveness of the laser. Other pain relief such as Paracetamol may be taken.

The discomfort has been described as “being like an elastic band snapping on the skin” or “splatters of oil from a frying pan”. Discomfort does vary from person to person and area of the body but is tolerated well by most patients and we have successfully removed many tattoos.

Are there any side effects?

There may be some blistering, itching, redness, bruising and crusting of the treated area but this is a normal reaction and will fade after a few days. Following the aftercare recommendations will help keep these to a minimum.

Hyper-pigmentation or Hypo-pigmentation (darkening or lightening of the skin) may occur but this should fade over time. Treated areas must be protected from the sun with an SPF 30 or above. We will not treat tanned skin for at least four weeks from last exposure to the sun as this can result in permanent lightening of the skin.

Please be aware that we cannot treat any tattoo which is less than one year old.

Patient testimonials 

“Quick, easy treatment. Staff were polite and professional. I would highly recommend.”

“Picked Nuffield as it is a hospital and nurses would be carrying out the treatment. I’m really pleased with the results”

“I’m undergoing laser tattoo removal at the Nuffield as I wanted it performed by clinical staff. The nurses are friendly and caring and although a painful procedure, the results are definitely worth it.”

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