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Achilles repair or reconstruction

The fibrous tissue that connects your heel to the muscles in your leg is called the achilles tendon. Through overuse or accident your achilles can tear or rupture and may require repair or reconstruction.

Ankle arthroscopy

Arthroscopy is a procedure in which a miniature telescope is inserted through a two centimetre incision over a joint - for example the hip, knee, ankle or shoulder.

Ankle fusion

The aim of ankle fusion is to eliminate the pain in your ankle caused by diseased or damaged surfaces rubbing together.

Ankle ligament repair

If you have torn or over stretched the ligaments in your ankle you may be a candidate for ankle ligament repair.

Ankle replacement

Due to injury or just wear and tear your ankles can become painful. Arthritis is a group of conditions that causes damage to your joints.


Arthroplasty is a surgical procedure to repair or replace a damaged or diseased joint.

Autologous Chondrocyte Implantation

ACI (autologous chondrocyte implantation) and MACI (matrix-induced chondrocyte implantation) are advanced tissue-engineered technologies used to repair damaged articulating surfaces, mainly in the knee joint.

Bilateral Tenotomy

A tenotomy is a procedure to lengthen a muscle that has not developed properly or that has shortened due to injury or lack of mobility. Typically a tendon is cut allowing the muscle to stretch again and the limb to straighten.

Bone Graft

Surgeons can perform a bone graft to repair or rebuild damaged bone in many areas of your body.

Bunion surgery (bunionectomy)

A bunion is a bony bump on the joint at the base of your big toe.


Cheilectomy is an alternative procedure offered by consultants to treat Hallux Rigidus (stiffness and pain in the big toe, usually caused by arthritis).


Chondroplasty is a surgical procedure to remove damaged cartilage in a joint.

Flat foot correction

Flat foot occurs when the arch of your foot is very low or flattens, causing your foot to fall inward.

Forefoot reconstructive surgery

Forefoot reconstructive surgery is treatment for your toes to alleviate problems caused by rheumatoid arthritis.

Fusion of big toe

If you are suffering from stiffness in your big toe (hallux rigidus) and it does not respond to conservative treatment your consultant may recommend toe fusion.

Hallux Valgus Surgery

Hallux Valgus surgery is also called a bunionectomy.


A hemiarthroplasty is a procedure to replace only the femur portion of your hip joint.

Hip replacement surgery in Glasgow

We provide everything required for a successful hip replacement procedure right here at Nuffield Health Glasgow Hospital. Your treatment will be carried out by an expert orthopaedic surgeon, our matron-led nursing team will ensure you receive the finest patient care and our excellent in-house physiotherapists will help manage your full recovery.

Hip resurfacing

Hip resurfacing is a procedure that provides a new surface for the ball (femur head) and socket that make up your hip joint.

Hip revision

Hip Revision is a procedure to take out your old hip replacement and put in a new one.

Ilizarov frame surgery

An ilizarov frame is an external frame surgeons use to lengthen or reshape bones or to treat complex mal-union or non-union fractures.

Ingrown toenail (and ingrown toenail surgery)

When the side of your toenail curls and pierces your skin this is called an ingrown toenail.

Keller's arthroplasty

Keller’s arthroplasty is a surgery to treat bunions.

Knee arthroscopy surgery in Glasgow

Are you struggling with a niggling and prolonged pain in your knee? At Nuffield Health Glasgow Hospital our specialist orthopaedic surgeons can investigate and if necessary treat your knee condition through a diagnostic knee arthroscopy procedure.

Knee replacement surgery in Glasgow

Are you tired of prolonged knee pain or experiencing difficulty when performing everyday tasks? If so our expert orthopaedic surgeons in Glasgow can diagnose your knee condition and recommend whether you would benefit from knee replacement surgery.

Knee replacement revision

As patients live longer and more active lives older knee implants may need replacing.

Knee surgery (ACL repair)

The anterior cruciate ligament is replaced with a piece of suitable tissue from elsewhere in the body.

Matrix-induced chondrocyte implantation (MACI)

Matrix-induced chondrocyte implantation is used to repair damaged articulating surfaces, mainly in the knee joint.

Meniscectomy for meniscus tear

A torn meniscus may not heal on its own as there is a limited blood supply to that area.


Orthotics (sometimes called foot orthotics, shoe inserts or orthoses) are devices placed inside your shoes to restore the biomechanic balance to your legs and feet and realign your posture.

Subtalar arthroscopy

Over time the bone surfaces in your subtalar joint can suffer wear and tear due to injury or arthritis. If conservative treatment methods are not working for you your surgeon may recommend investigation or treatment using arthroscopy.

Tibial osteotomy

An osteotomy is a procedure usually performed to correct damage caused by osteoarthritis or a deformity. A tibial osteotomy is performed when only one side of your knee shows damage.

Toe joint fusion

If the stiffness in your big toe (hallux rigidus) does not respond to conservative treatment your consultant may recommend toe fusion.

Toe surgery

The three main toe problems that can be resolved with foot surgery are Deformity (mis-shapen), Pain in the toe joints and Metatarsalgia (pain in the front part or ball of your foot).

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