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You can use donated eggs if you do not have any eggs of your own or they are very low in numbers. Donated eggs are fertilised in our specialist laboratory with your partner’s sperm, then transferred to you.

This process is most commonly used when the patient is unable to produce her own eggs. This type of infertility is often associated with older maternal age, when the ovary's store of follicles is beginning to run out. The tell-tale signs are irregular - and even absent - periods, which are often a prelude to the menopause. 

In normally 'fertile' women this can happen in their late 30s and early 40s, but there are also unfortunate younger women who are found to have a 'premature' menopause. This can happen in women as young as 20 or 30.

Some patients particularly the younger ones with premature menopause, consider donor eggs from a friend or family member. This type of 'known donation' can be quite reassuring for the patient, who is secure in her knowledge of the donor's identity. However, such 'intrafamilial' donation can raise ethical questions and counselling is always essential.

The London Egg Bank provides high quality donor eggs without a wait for patients at the London Women's Clinic with a success rate of around 60%.

Visit the London Egg Bank catalogue to view the donors available www.londoneggbankdonors.com

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