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You’re in good hands

While there are no guarantees, we are well placed to do everything we can to help you conceive a child. With one of the highest success rates in the country, we like to think this is based on a sensitive, caring environment and meticulous attention to detail.

Walk through the door and you’ll find the atmosphere is relaxed and pleasant. Our team will take the time to get to know you. To us you are a person - not just another patient.

All treatment work up including consultations and monitoring scans throughout treatment take place at the London Women’s Clinic Essex with your treatment - insemination, egg collections and embryo transfer – taking place at the London Women’s Clinic’s state-of-the-art clinic in Harley Street, London.

The London Women’s Clinic was established in 1985 in Harley Street and was a pioneer of many of the techniques now routinely used to help couples and individuals overcome difficulties with conceiving a child. With highly experienced consultants and nursing staff, and the most up-to-date facilities and techniques, we are able to offer expert diagnosis and treatment of fertility problems in a caring and individual-focused way.

Special services

London sperm bank

The London Sperm Bank provides the UK’s largest single source of donor sperm for the treatment of infertility. The London Sperm Bank has based its donor recruitment on branding and customer service, and can now give fertility patients a wide catalogue choice of donor sperm. Please note that donor sperm is only available to eligible NHS patients. Please visit:

London egg bank

The London Egg Bank was opened in 2013 to facilitate egg donation in the UK. It is the first egg bank in the UK to have an online catalogue function with both fresh and frozen donor eggs available. Please note that donor eggs are only available to eligible NHS patients. Please visit:


In the past few years additional techniques of embryo selection have been introduced which use high-tech methods to screen embryos for genetic and chromosomal information. The team behind the London Women’s Clinic has ten years of experience in assisting infertility patients with Pre-implantation Genetic Analysis.

Our patients say:

“We were very impressed with the service we received and everyone we saw put us at ease which made the whole experience much nicer. Everyone was friendly, helpful and professional at all times.”

“I really like the personal touches. Being recognised, feeling comfortable to ask questions and not feel silly. The approach of your team is brilliant. At all times I felt looked after and listened to.”

“A very friendly and welcoming team. Always at the end of a phone (line), and always called back when they said they would. All nurses had time for you and are happy to chat and (if needed), offer a little reassurance during the treatment. The staff on the unit are amazing.

This is the second round of ICSI and could not find fault with anything either time. Really can’t thank the staff enough for their help, patience and understanding."

You can contact us directly on 01277695680 with any questions or ask your GP to refer you to The London Women’s Clinic Essex.