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Who are we & what do we do?

Nuffield Health has been providing children's day nurseries since 1998 and has been extremely successful. We are now looking to offer our day care services to people all across the country.

As we are predominately a hospital and wellbeing company we are truly committed to ensuring their child's healthy development whilst with us. We have worked with Nuffield Health nutritionists to produce a nutritious menu that provides all the elements to develop a healthy body.

We are also proving baby massage classes for the under 1's, yoga for the over 1's and swimming for the over 3's. All of these classes are included in the nursery fee. Our aim is to make healthy eating and regular exercise a part of every child's life.

Staff : Child ratios:

  • Under 2 years - 1:3
  • 2-3 years - 1:4
  • Over 3 years - 1:8

Nursery opening hours:

  • 07:30 - 18:00
  • Closed Bank holidays and the week between Christmas and New Year (only charge 51 weeks)
  • We can open earlier/later but we need at least 3 children doing this to make it viable.
Helping your child to settle into our day nursery:
  • We would like to welcome you and your child to our Tunbridge Wells Nuffy Bear Day Nursery. We hope that you get to know us and have a happy and successful time. We look forward to getting to know you
  • Children settle into nursery in lots of different ways. Some children will confidently move into the nursery room as soon as they come in. Other children may be nervous and anxious about leaving their parent. Most children will be somewhere in between the two
  • Please be reassured and try not to worry if your child experiences difficulties - it is a very normal part of a child’s development to be anxious, nervous or angry about starting nursery. We also recognise that many parents will find this a difficult and sometimes upsetting process. We hope that we can use our experience to support you and your child in whatever way suits you
  • Please remember that we require all parents and carers to help their children settle in. No matter how confident you feel your child is, we will insist that you follow our settling in procedures. In our experience, all children benefit greatly when the nursery works closely with the family on settling in
  • Children can be helped to settle in by their parents, and other important people who they know well and can be comforted by - aunts, uncles and grandparents for example.

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