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Welcome to The Caterpillars, Crawley

In this part of our nursery the children can join us aged between 12 weeks and 18 months. We provide a safe, fun and stimulating settling for your littles ones. The children may move into Butterflies sooner, depending on their confidence and ability to walk.

Our open plan design and policy that enables all children to enjoy meal times together helps in the transition to Butterfly, as the child is already familiar with the staff and children in this area.

Keyperson scheme

Shortly after joining us each child is assigned a keyperson. The keyperson will be chosen depending on who your child builds a strong relationship with. They will be responsible for the learning and development of your child and will support this through observation, planning and continuous provision.

Before your child joins us we like to introduce a settling in period for you and your child. This is usually formed of 5 visits over 2 - 4 weeks and will be adapted to each child's needs.

During this time you and your child will be introduced to the team and become aware of our surroundings and routines. The first settle session is a perfect time to discuss your child's routine, needs and other things you may like to share with us.

We will take this opportunity to ask you to bring back any registration forms we have asked you to fill in so we have the necessary information before you leave your child with us for the first time.

Your child's first day at our Crawley Day Nursery

On your first day in The Caterpillars, you will need to bring along:

  • A pack of nappies
  • Wipes
  • Any cream required
  • Spare clothes
  • Milk as required
  • Clothing to suit weather
  • Care routine
  • Sun cream
  • Comforters.
Milk and food

We do ask that milk is provided in the original tub or in sealed bottles/cartons. Parents breast feeding can provide expressed milk in a bottle or frozen. Alternatively you can come into the setting to breast feed your baby. Please ensure bottles are steralised.

We provide cow’s milk for those babies who have reached this stage. We steralise feeding equipment and provide bibs and beakers for meal times.


As your baby begins the weaning process we will work closely to compliment your home routine. A healthy lunch is provided by Zebedees Lunch Box, (we will provide you with a menu). We have cereals and food to make tea onsite. We can provide you with a list of cereals we have too.

The tea menu can be seen on our parents notice board. If you prefer to provide your own foods during weaning we are happy for you to do so. We will prepare foods (blended, mashed) according to your child's weaning stage.

Meal times
  • Breakfast: 08:00 - 08:45
  • Snack: 10:00
  • Lunch: 12:00
  • Snack: 14:30
  • Tea: 16:00.

These times are a guideline as we work alongside each child's home routine. We can adapt our meals to suit your child's dietary requirements.

Water is offered throughout the day. We have highchairs and bouncy chairs for the children to have their meals in. The children go into the main area for breakfast, lunch and tea when eating.

Daily communication books

All information about your child's day will be written down in their own communication book. The staff member who has been caring for your child will also hand over to you about their day when you collect them.

Sleep times

Each child sleeps in a cot as and when needed or according to their routine. We provide clean cot sheets. The children's sleeping area is monitored every 10 minutes.


Under Ofsted regulations we are only allowed to administer medicine that has been prescribed by a doctor. If your child needs prescribed medicine you'll be asked to fill in a medicine form giving instruction on dosage upon arrival at the nursery each day. You will be asked to sign a form at the end of the day so that you have the correct information about your child’s medication.

We can administer Calpol in an emergency, but only with prior written consent from parents. We only give Calpol if your child has a high temperature and we have contacted you by telephone to request your verbal permission. We can only give one dose of Calpol per day. If your child continues to run a high temperature we will endeavour to reduce it by cooling the child with damp cloths and removal of clothes.

If this does not work we will request that you collect your child from nursery and seek medical assistance. In extreme medical circumstances or if we cannot make contact with you or the recorded emergency contact person we will call for an ambulance, (although thankfully this is extremely rare).


As your child begins to move around more accidents can occur. If your child does have an accident at our nursery one of our first aid trained staff members will deal with it immediately and appropriately. We will record the accident on a form and ask you to sign it at the end of the session.

Learning journals

Each child has a learning journal. This is a book tracking their development made up of their creations, photographs, observations and development plans.

Your child's keyperson is responsible for keeping the learning journal updated and sharing the information with you. The information helps us to understand your child's progress, interests and to plan for their developmental needs. You can request to see your child's learning journal at any time.

We hope you have found the above information about The Caterpillars useful. If you require any other information we will be happy to help, please call us on 01293880417.

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