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Welcome to Butterflies, Crawley

The Butterflies room is in the main nursery. It has a low level partition providing a personal area for caterpillars and butterflies but also the opportunity for children to bond with the other children and staff which helps support them as they get older.

Keyperson scheme

Shortly after joining us each child is assigned a keyperson. The keyperson is chosen based on who your child initially builds a strong relationship with. They will be responsible for the learning and development of your child and will support this through observation, planning and continuous provision.

Before your child joins us we like to introduce a settling in period for you and your child. This is usually formed of 5 visits over 2 - 4 weeks and will be adapted to each child's needs.

During this time you and your child will be introduced to the team and become aware of the surroundings and our routines. The first settle session is a perfect time to discuss your child's routine, needs and other things you may like to share with us.

We will take this opportunity to ask you to bring back any registration forms we have asked you to fill in so we have the necessary information before you leave your child with us for the first time.

Your child's first day at our Crawley Day Nursery

On your first day in Butterflies, you will need to bring along:

  • A pack of nappies (if still required)
  • Wipes (if in nappies or toilet training)
  • Any cream required
  • Spare clothes (extra during toilet training period)
  • Clothing to suit weather conditions
  • Sun cream
  • Sterilized bottles if needed
  • Comforters.
Our day
  • Breakfast 08:00 - 08:45
  • Free flow play 09:00 - 11:45
  • Rolling snack break 10:00 - 14:30
  • Group time 11:45
  • Lunch 12:00
  • Quiet time – Sleep time 12:45
  • Free flow play 13:00 - 15:45
  • Tea 16.00
  • Free flow play (depending on visibility outside) 16:30 - 18:00.

Meal time information

  • We can adapt our meals to suit your child's dietary requirements
  • We operate a rolling snack time so children can choose when to have it
  • The children are offered the opportunity to serve their own breakfast and lunch and to prepare their own tea
  • Lunch is provided by Zebedees Lunch Box. All their meals are nutritious and healthy
  • Children have access to drinking water throughout the day
  • The children sit together around the table during meal times
  • On our parents notice board you can see how much they have eaten that day.
At the end of each day

After each of your child's sessions the staff member caring for your child will hand over to you about their day. On our parents notice board you can see information about the activities that have been going on each day.

Sleep times

If your child requires a sleep we will offer them this at your required time. Depending on routine and age children will sleep in a cot or soft bed mat. Clean sheets and blankets are provided.

Toilet training

We support children with their toilet training. We have potties and training seats to help support this process. We will work closely with you and your child's home routine to ensure consistency for your child.


Under Ofsted regulations we are only allowed to administer medicine that has been prescribed to your child by a doctor. If your child needs prescribed medicine you'll be asked to fill in a medicine form giving instruction on dosage upon arrival at the nursery each day. You will be asked to sign a form at the end of the day so that you have the correct information about your child’s medication.

We can administer Calpol in an emergency, but only with prior written consent from a parent. We only give Calpol if your child has a high temperature and we have contacted you by telephone to request your verbal permission. We can only give one dose of Calpol per day. If your child continues to run a high temperature we will endeavour to reduce it by cooling the child with damp cloths and the removal of clothes.

If this does not work we will request that you collect your child from nursery and seek medical assistance. In extreme medical circumstances, or if we cannot make contact with you or the recorded emergency contact person, we will call for an ambulance, (although thankfully this is extremely rare).


If your child has an accident at nursery, one of our first aid trained staff members will deal with it immediately and appropriately. We will record the accident and ask you to sign a form at the end of the session to acknowledge the incident. In some cases we do contact the parent/carer to inform them of an accident.

Learning journals

Each child has a learning journal. This is a book tracking their development made up of their creations, photographs, observations and development plans.

Your child's keyperson is responsible for keeping their learning journal updated and sharing information with you. The information helps us to understand your child's progress, interests and to plan for their developmental needs. You can request to see your child's learning journal at any time.

We hope you have found the above information about Butterflies useful. If you require any further information we will be happy to help, please call us on 01293880417.