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Welcome to our Ladybirds Room, Cheam

In the ladybirds Room the children are aged between 3 and 5 years, depending on their stage of development. The children are encouraged to be independent learning exploring the environment around them. They will begin to develop new interests in activities such as computer skills, music and dance CD’s, mathematics and expressive arts and design. The children will also start swimming lessons during term time only.

We often find the children have progressed through our Caterpillars and then Butterflies rooms, and are thus very comfortable in our nursery environment and with our dedicated staff.

Key person

As with all our nursery rooms here in Cheam we operate a key person scheme. The scheme ensures that every child has a named person who'll be responsible for the planning and observation of your child’s learning whilst in the Preschool Room.

First day at our Cheam Preschool

On your first day in our Preschool room you will need to bring with you:

  • Baby wipes (if used)
  • Spare clothes
  • A sun hat and sun cream for the warmer months
  • Wellies


Under Ofsted regulations we are only allowed to administer medicine that has been prescribed by a doctor. If your child needs prescribed medicine you'll be asked to fill in a medicine form giving instruction on dosage, time upon arrival at the nursery each day. You will be asked to sign a form at the end of the day so that you have the correct information about your child’s medication.

We can administer Calpol in an emergency, but only with prior written consent from parents. We only give Calpol if your child has a high temperature and we have contacted you by telephone to request your verbal permission. We can only give one dose of Calpol per day. If your child continues to run a high temperature we will endeavor to reduce it by cooling the child with damp cloths and removal of clothes. If this does not work we will request that you collect your child from nursery and seek medical assistance. In extreme medical circumstances or if we cannot make contact with you or the recorded emergency contact person we will call for an ambulance, (although thankfully this is extremely rare).


During your child’s time our Nuffy Bear Nursery should your child have an accident it will be dealt with by our trained first aiders. All details of the accident will be recorded on a paper form and electronically. You'll be asked to sign the completed form when you collect your child.

Learning journals

Each child has their own learning journal in which their key person will record how your child is developing and progressing. This is done through observations and evaluating their play. By observing your child we can gain information to inform future planning and ensure that all your child’s individual needs are being met. Each observation and assessment made on your child is recorded in their learning journey profile.

You are welcome to access your child’s profile at any time, and we share the file with you three times a year at key person meetings.

We hope this information has been helpful, but should there by anything else you need to know please feel free to contact us and we'll be happy to help!