Building resilience at Vodafone

Nuffield Health were tasked with addressing mental health in the workplace at Vodafone with a long-term approach to creating a culture of wellbeing, resilience and productivity.

The Challenge

✓ Raise awareness of mental health in key roles
✓ Increase colleague support
✓ Address the growing number of absences
✓ Reduce referrals to Occupational Health due to mental health.

    Our Approach

    We launched a bespoke wellbeing training programme for staff introducing them to web content giving them the tools to identify, understand and help someone who may be experiencing mental health issues. We introduced our self-guided Space to Thrive programme, designed to promote positive mental wellbeing, reduce stress and cope better with pressure. Staff also took part in Mental Health Champion workshops, with specialist workshops provided for those only managing high-pressure situations.

    The Results

    Employees felt empowered to comfortably talk about mental health, reducing stigma and improving health and happiness both at work and home.

    "The programme is integral to helping us boost the productivity and inclusivity of our workforce, making sure that everyday stresses and strains, and those that come at particular points in the year, can be managed effectively both for the organisation and the individual.
    Manager, Newbury

    80% of Vodafone’s attendees thought the programme was extremely beneficial in improving awareness and ability to talk to people about their mental health.

    90% of attendees felt that the specialist workshops were a great opportunity to discuss acute mental health issues within their individual roles.

    We provide a completely bespoke approach to our corporate services,
    with expertise across all health and wellbeing areas.

    "I feel I'm now equipped with all the resources, tools and knowledge that I need to be able to help someone. Wouldn’t it be amazing if all employees felt like this, if we were all able to support one another at work?
    Media Service Management employee, Newbury

    Space to thrive Corporate services

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