We take a highly personalised approach to complete physical and psychological health and wellbeing for each of our executive clients. In doing so, we understand that each is unique and as such, we have designed a fully comprehensive and unique healthcare solution for clients at executive level. Whether you are a key player of a major corporation, or you are interested to partner with us on a self-pay basis, we will make it relevant to you. 

Your programme journey

Our experienced clinicians will partnership with you on a journey which will start with your pre-assessment consultation.

This has been designed to offer you and your dedicated clinical team an opportunity to review full medical history, lifestyle and diet by taking a different approach to a standard assessment, encouraging dialogue, supported by evidence-based testing. We will get to know you, understand your individual requirements, determine risk factors and consequently perform a series of relevant clinical tests which will help us build a picture of your current health.

We understand how busy you are, and as such we are flexible in agreeing a location to deliver the pre-assessment, be it at your place of work or your closest Nuffield clinic if preferred. We understand that time is of essence – our clinicians will need no longer than 1 hour during this first session to go through your full medical history & lifestyle questionnaire and clinical testing.

Following the pre-Assessment, usually two weeks later when all test results have been analysed, you will attend a Nuffield Health location of your choice for your four hour Executive Medical, which will be delivered by a dedicated team of clinical and wellbeing specialists.

This advanced assessment is formed of three key modules, each being conducted by our dedicated team of clinical and wellbeing specialists, who will guide you seamlessly and effortlessly from one module to the next.

The five key components

Module A - Physiology Session

  • Review of lifestyle questionnaire
  • Body fat percentage
  • Waist measurement
  • Arteriograph measurement
  • Computerised spinal assessment
  • Lung function
  • ECG tests (resting as standard, plus an exercise ECG or Aerobic Capacity Test if clinically required).
  • Review of Firstbeat personal resilience assessment

Module B - Physician Session

  • Review of results & tests performed
  • Review of pathology results
  • Full clinical examination
  • Visual mole check
  • Insulin sensitivity testing
  • Genetic cardiovascular risk score
  • Serum vitamin D testing
  • Bowel cancer screen (45 years & over)
  • Breast & pelvic examination (female only)
  • LBC cervical screen with HPV testing (female only)
  • High vaginal swab (female only)
  • Mammography (40 years and over - to be delivered separately at Nuffield Health's West End Medical Centre)
  • Thyroid stimulating hormone test (female only - 50 years & over)
  • Testicular examination (male only)
  • Prostate examination (male only)
  • Prostate cancer blood testing (male only - 50 years & over)
  • Review of extended profile pathology results

Module C - Physiologist and Physician

  • Overview of Health Assessment and findings
  • Lifestyle coaching overview
  • Clinical and wellbeing recommendations
  • Agreed approach to personalised healthcare solutions

Your personalised healthcare report

Within 10 working days of your Executive Health Assessment, you will receive a detailed and comprehensive report on your health and wellbeing. This will incorporate your agreed personalised Healthcare Programme as well as details of any follow-up sessions and key touch points based around your own needs. 

Your Programme will be case managed by our dedicated physician/physiologist over an initial 12-month and can include:

  • Private GP appointments/telephone consultations
  • Repeat prescriptions/prescription delivery service
  • Mental wellbeing coaching
  • Access to Nuffield Health fitness specialists/personal trainer sessions
  • Nutritional consultants
  • Physiotherapy consultations/treatment
  • Travel Clinic Service
  • Diagnostics
  • Case management by Physician

Let us worry about the logistics

It's our passion to look after your health. Our concierge approach to healthcare means that throughout the journey our dedicated team will not only organise referrals and appointments for you, but will also arrange transport to and from our specialist medical centres. Our team are also on hand to complete any relevant paperwork to minimise any inconvenience.

In the event that onward referral is required, we will work closely with your private medical insurance provider to ensure this is a speedy and seamless process. Our dedicated network of consultants, imaging centres and wellbeing specialists will always endeavour to deliver the high level of quality and care expected by these key individuals.

Unique on the UK private healthcare market

Through partnership with your executive clinical team, an unprecedented opportunity to access health optimisation has been made available to you – having built an unparalleled reputation for the highest standards of care, professionalism and expertise, won over the course of half a century of proven excellence, Nuffield Health’s own journey is your assurance to health as it should be, through key, individualised touch-points which you have unlimited access to for the duration of the programme.

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