Facility Design

As industry experts, we work with clients to create facilities that are aligned to your industry, workforce and overall wellbeing objectives. We help clients identify and convert suitable spaces into fitness and clinical facilities as part of this process.

Our facility design services cover:

  • Feasibility assessment
    Using your requirements and our benchmarking data, we help you assess what optimal service and engagement can be achieved and importantly estimated footprint and costs.
  • Concept design
    The feasibility data and our knowledge of industry trends supports concept design, allowing you to visualise the mix of facilities and services and to start understanding prospective value and impact.
  • Technical design
    We work closely with specialist contractors, ensuring your facilities are designed to industry standards, legislation and best practice, covering all technical requirements for the spaces.
  • Detailed design
    We evaluate all elements, from finishes and equipment selection to service delivery logistics, ensuring practical and optimal space utilisation is achieved and aligned to objectives.
  • Procurements
    Combining our operational expertise, leading industry knowledge and supply chain contacts, we ensure that our facilities are of the highest standard and within budget.
  • Operation models
    We evaluate and present operating models, supporting the wellbeing services within the new facility – including budget estimates and finance models.
  • Construction and fit out
    We are experienced in working with client-appointed contractors. Alternatively, we’ll provide trusted industry specialists, ensuring all aspects of the project are delivered.
  • Mobilisation
    We take your facility from handover date to service delivery, including installation, recruitment, training and marketing for launch.

Wellbeing strategy development

Every client has different drivers for implementing wellbeing. We’ll develop both long and short-term plans to improve the health and fitness of your workforce.

We can offer specialist expertise and guidance on strategy implementation and budgeting.

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