Improve workplace productivity

For every health risk factor an employee has, their productivity at work reduces by 2.4%*

Stress, diabetes and obesity - these are some of the risks associated with presenteeism - when an employee comes to work, but due to ill health their productivity is severely reduced.

Our corporate wellbeing programmes can help manage this major indirect cost to employers.

Enhance employee commitment

Providing your people with corporate wellbeing services makes them feel valued and rewarded. It demonstrates to them and their families that your organisation wants to support them in their personal and working lives.

Manage absenteeism

Workplace absenteeism is a significant cost to business - around £600 per employee, per year.

Corporate wellbeing can help to reduce this risk. Our health assessments can identify future health risks and give pathways to prevention, while our focused rehabilitation programmes offer fast access to treatment and a faster return to work.

Return on investment

Our effective workplace initiatives can drive better health and wellbeing in your business, giving you real savings by helping to reduce health policy claims and premiums.

We are able to make savings that are visible in your business, whether it be a reduction of your PMI spend, less reliance on ill health insurances, or reduced absence costs. It's all part of the Nuffield Health service.

*Burton et al, American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine