Endocrinology looks at your glands which secrete hormones, including the thyroid, pituitary and adrenal glands. It is important, particularly in sport to ensure your hormones are working correctly, as they control many body functions and problems with the production of hormones can cause disorders such as diabetes, Cushing’s syndrome, fatigue and acromegaly (excess growth).

Our consultants work with specialist teams to diagnose and treat endocrine disorders. Treatments for endocrine disorders can include hormone replacement therapy, which can deal with issues caused during menopause, or problems caused as a result of hormone deficiency.


Blood tests

These are the main way of checking hormone levels in the body. A wide range of tests can be done on a sample, and it is used for diagnosis and ongoing monitoring of these conditions.

Urine tests

These samples show up excess or unprocessed hormones and other substances that may signify things like diabetes and adrenal excess.

Diagnostic imaging

MIHP has a range of imaging technology, including MRI, ultrasound and x-ray, which can be used to locate problem glands and problems caused by them.



A range of drugs can be used to either act on the disordered gland or counteract its effects. These will be carefully monitored and adjusted over time. Naturally occurring hormones can also be replaced with medication if a gland has failed or been removed.


In some cases it is most effective to remove a faulty gland. This is most common with thyroid, parathyroid and adrenal conditions.

Diet and lifestyle advice

Some endocrine problems, such as diabetes, may be controlled simply by changing the way you eat and exercise, and a healthier lifestyle can help with most conditions. In addition to the endocrine consultants, we have a team of dieticians and physiotherapists who can help you plan the necessary changes.

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