What we're doing to keep you safe

We understand that you may be worried about visiting our clinics, but we’re taking significant precautions to maintain your safety, and the safety of our physiotherapists, clinicians and therapists.

Screening. You’ll be screened for COVID-19 symptoms when you book your appointment and before entering the clinic.

Enhanced cleaning. We are cleaning and disinfecting our clinics regularly, in line with Public Health England (PHE) guidelines. This involves disinfection with 1000ppm chlorine and regular sanitising of high-touch surfaces such as door handles and light switches.

Staggering appointment times. This is to avoid patients arriving in reception at the same time, and to allow the consultation rooms to be cleaned in between appointments.

Reducing high-risk services. Due to increased risk of infection, we are suspending services such as spirometry, exercise testing, blood tests and travel vaccinations, in line with PHE guidance. These services may only offered at the discretion of your GP or nurse.

Implementing social distancing. We’re removing every other chair in the waiting rooms to allow you to keep your distance if you need to wait there. There will also be socially distanced queuing systems in place where needed.

Providing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). For everyone’s safety, our clinicians will wear full PPE during examinations and tests, in line with Public Health England (PHE) guidelines.

How you can keep yourself and others safe

To make this work, we need to work together. Here are a few things you can do to ensure each other’s safety.

Wear a face covering. We ask that you wear your own face covering for the duration of your time in the clinic. If you don’t have your own, we’ll be able to provide you with a single-use face mask which you must discard on your way out.

Clean your hands regularly. There are multiple hand sanitising stations around our clinics, so please use these on arrival and throughout your visit.

Follow social distancing guidance. Please take note of the social distancing signs and floor markers around the clinic by keeping your distance and following any one-way systems.


We will continue to offer remote consultations and treatments sessions through our My Therapy app. Patients will have an initial assessment online with follow-ups available as face-to-face or online appointments.

Mental health support services

We'll continue to deliver cognitive behavioural therapy sessions by phone, video or email as a first port of call, and we'll offer face-to-face sessions if clinically indicated.

We understand that it’s important to be able to see each other’s facial expressions in psychotherapy, so all patients and clinicians will be given a Perspex visor to wear during these sessions.

Health assessments

We’ll be offering health assessments in person from 6 July at a limited number of clinics, with more locations reopening throughout August.

If you attend a health assessment, you’ll have the opportunity to take a complimentary COVID-19 antibody test*, until further notice. We’ll talk to you about the test at your appointment, and it’ll be completely up to you whether or not you’d like to have one. If you do decide to take the test, this will be done during your appointment at no extra cost.

The test looks for the presence of coronavirus antibodies to see if you’ve already had the virus. At the moment there’s no evidence that antibodies make you immune to future infections, so the results don’t rule out getting the virus again.

*Excluding Lifestyle, Life 1, Life 2 and Life 3 health assessments.

GP appointments

We'll continue to deliver GP consultations online first, and we'll offer face-to-face appointments if clinically indicated following the online consultation.

Let us know if you have any queries

We look forward to welcoming you back for our face-to-face clinical services. If you have any questions or concerns at all, please don’t hesitate to contact us.