The 5-minute office workout

Going to the coffee machine isn't the only way to take a screen break during the working day. Ashleigh Ahlquist's five-minute, office-based workout will help you stay active, boosting concentration and promoting good health.

If you sit at a desk for work it’s important you give yourself time away from the screen and out of your seat. Ideally you should give yourself a five minute break from your desk every hour.

It’s a good idea to move around on your breaks to keep your body moving, allowing the blood to flow and letting your muscles stretch.

So to make the most of that time, why not find a quiet corner, or pop into your office gym and perform some of these gentle exercises? You won't even have to get changed to perform them.

Make sure there are no obstructions around you and you are not in a busy pathway before proceeding.

How to perform the exercises


  • Walking High Knees (1 minute)
  • 10 x Shoulder Circles
  • 10 x Arm Circles
  • 10 x Squat
  • 10 x Reverse Lunge Reach Back
  • 10 x Low Side to Side Lunge

Relax and move slowly in and out of these movements to get the most out of this mobilising session.

Last updated Monday 8 August 2016