Preventing aches and pains when working from home

Our physiotherapists have pulled together their top tips for preventing aches and pains during these extended periods of working remotely.

Protect your posture

Don’t neglect the importance of ergonomics when working from home. There’s not always the need for expensive ergonomic chairs but you should consider applying some of the basic principles of good sitting. 

Exercise and stretch

You should stand up or move about during calls and undertake a few simple stretches at, or away from, your desk every 30 minutes or so.

Why not try our 5 simple exercises you can do at your workspace?

Use headphones

If you are on phone calls regularly, avoid holding the phone between your neck and shoulder.

Use headphones to plug into your computer or phone when on telephone or conference calls.

Stay hydrated

Drink plenty of water throughout the working day. Working on computers can cause dehydration to your eyes and keeping hydrated will help reduce eye strain.

Take a break

Don’t forget to take a proper break from work at lunchtime, consider going for a walk or doing some kind of exercise.

It’s a fact that we move less and complete less steps when working from home compared to commuting to the office.

For more guidance and advice on how to stay healthy and active at home click here. For further resources supporting employee wellbeing click here


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Last updated Wednesday 5 August 2020