Nutrition tips for a faster 10k

UK ranked runner and Nuffield Health Operations Manager Blake Vivian provides his top nutrition tips to help you perform your best 10k run.

Weight plays a part in running a 10k run as the less weight you have to carry around the better, however you do need to keep a good amount of muscle mass at the same time.

A common mistake that people make is to load up on carbs for energy while training. While you do need some complex carbohydrates, a good nutritional change that will help you lose fat without compromising on muscle or energy is to swap out heavier carb-full meals like pasta with a protein-packed salad.

Try a salad of leafy greens mixed with plenty of protein and healthy fats, found in foods like nuts or avocados, and a handful of complex carbs, such as quinoa. This will give you better nutritional value than a bowl of pasta and leave you just as full, but without the extra calories.

The day before the big race keep your meals light and packed with proteins, like eggs, and quality carbs, like sweet potatoes. This will ensure you’ll fuel up the best way without overdoing it.

Last updated Friday 22 April 2022

First published on Monday 9 November 2015