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Alex runs a successful fitness fashion business and blog, has a young dog and a hectic social life. So how does she have time for the gym? Watch this film for all her top tips.

Bubbly Belgian Alex Vanthournout came to the UK over a decade ago to study media at the University of Westminster. After honing her talents in writing and digital media, she then went on to complete a masters in fashion journalism, which torpedoed Alex into her career in fashion press.

She worked in Louis Vuitton's press team, Elle magazine and Wallpaper before finding a name for herself in the blogging world with her fashion blog But it was when Alex discovered her love for running that she created blog-turned-retailer Fashercise, with her co-founder Camille Roegiers. 

Alex combines her work commitments; where she continues to blog, attend fashion launches, and work with high street sports brands, with a busy social life and taking care of her one-year-old cocker spaniel. So how does she find time to keep fit amid the whirlwind of her hectic life?

"Our bodies are our temples, so it's so important we keep fit and active," says Alex.

"It's easier said than done when you're busy, but there are a few tips that I use that make it a bit easier. My favourite is running to the gym because you’ll save ten minutes at the gym and can just jump straight into your main workout.

"I also pack my bag the night before so I'm motivated and ready to head straight out in the morning."

Watch Alex's film for all of her tips, and add your own tips to the Nuffield Health Facebook page using #SpeedTips.

Saturday 16 January 2016

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