Cardio training for 10k success

How you perform in a 10k run depends on your ability to strike the right balance between endurance and speed training before the event. Plan ahead with these expert tips.

If you’re training for a 10k race a good rule of thumb is to be running three times a week for at least 12 weeks ahead of the event, extending your distance over the weeks.

In these three running sessions try to do one technique-focused session, one longer (slower) endurance distance session and one shorter (faster) distance session.

You can support your running with a cardio strength workout in the gym to build your muscular endurance, particularly for your cardiovascular muscle (the heart).

Nuffield Health’s Pulse Push workout will get your pulse racing performing a wide range of equipment-free exercises including high knee runs, push ups, jumping squats and lunges that will help build strength as well as stamina.

The steps in this Pulse Push workout will take approximately 30 minutes. Repeat once a week ahead of your race and you should feel the benefit.

Last updated Friday 28 December 2018

First published on Friday 9 October 2015