Updated: Monday 11 October 2021

We all know sleep is vital for our physical and mental health. While duration is key, with the sweet spot being around 7-8 hours, sleep quality is often overlooked. Justin Jones, Head of Physiology at Nuffield Health, explains how poor-quality sleep can affect us, and what you can do to improve your sleep.

Updated: Tuesday 15 December 2020

The temperature is dropping and the days are getting shorter. As we head into winter we’re all at a greater risk of catching colds or the flu, but there’s lots you can do to boost your immune system to help avoid the misery.

Updated: Friday 13 November 2020

This World Diabetes Day, Justin Jones, Head of Physiology at Nuffield Health explains the symptoms, the difference between types 1 and 2 diabetes, and what you can do to reduce your chances of developing the condition.

Updated: Monday 20 January 2020

As our bodies change over time, our health needs change too. Justin Jones, Head of Physiology & Clinical Development Lead at Nuffield Health, describes six stages of a woman's life to help inform and support you to get the treatment you need, whatever stage you're at.

Updated: Wednesday 13 November 2019

With winter comes colder weather, darker nights and that inevitable virus that’s ‘doing the rounds’ but how do you know if it’s flu? Justin Jones, Head of Physiology & Clinical Development at Nuffield Health looks at how to recognise, treat and prevent the symptoms of flu.

Updated: Friday 7 December 2018

A dip in body temperature can help get you off to sleep.

Updated: Friday 2 February 2018

Cancer’s not always just the luck of the draw. Lifestyle choices can play a key role in determining your risk. National Physiology Manager, Justin Jones has seven tips to reduce your chance of developing the ‘Big C’.

Updated: Thursday 5 October 2017

It’s a common misconception that all cholesterol is bad for your health. Nuffield Health Professional Head of Physiology, Justin Jones, explains not only what good cholesterol is, but also how to increase the levels of it in your system.

Updated: Tuesday 22 November 2016

A healthy cholesterol level isn’t just about having less of the bad, it’s also about having plenty of the good. Here’s what healthy levels look like.

Updated: Thursday 10 November 2016

People often focus on quantity and neglect the quality of sleep.