Updated: Wednesday 30 June 2021

The sun is shining, the beach is beckoning and you are teeming with excitement at the thought of taking a well-earned break. But leaving everyday life behind doesn’t mean you have to abandon a healthy lifestyle.

Updated: Tuesday 16 February 2021

As a construction site manager, Tony is used to big projects - but his weight was something he just couldn’t bring under control. Until the Healthy Weight Programme gave him the health and happiness he was looking for.

Updated: Wednesday 16 September 2020

Tennis is not considered to be an extreme sport, but when players are exposed to high temperatures for long periods of time, the consequences can be severe. With temperatures expected to reach up to 34 degrees this week, tennis player and Nuffield Health and Wellbeing Physiologist, Sam Pool, has some tips to help players and spectators keep their cool.

Updated: Tuesday 7 January 2020

After losing his wife to cancer, Bruce contemplated giving up his lifelong passion of bird watching. Determined, he gathered the courage to return to the fields, but cruelly his eyesight began to fail soon after. This is his story of love, loss and redemption.

Updated: Tuesday 7 January 2020

At just 51 years old, Graeme Chisholm was surprised to learn cataracts were responsible for his deteriorating eyesight. Here's how multi-focal lens implants brought his life back into focus.

Updated: Tuesday 7 January 2020

Two decades of unhealthy eating had made Alison obese, diabetic and unhappy. She came to Nuffield Health desperate for a solution that might finally work. This is her story.

Updated: Tuesday 7 January 2020

At age 19, Marc Rodwell was morbidly obese and suffering from a raft of mental health issues. His health was so poor he was warned he might not live to see his 25th birthday. But with grim determination and the unfaltering support of his father, Marc clawed his way back from the brink.

Updated: Tuesday 7 January 2020

Phil Wilde's encounter with cancer was exceptionally brief and relatively painless for one important reason - he didn't ignore the warning signs.

Updated: Tuesday 7 January 2020

A year since first discussing it with his wife, Jason Tooley is about to get a vasectomy. We go inside the operating theatre to hear what it's really like to get the snip.

Updated: Tuesday 7 January 2020

Joanne Taylor survived breast cancer, but fear and anxiety stripped away her confidence. Now, after a remarkable physical and emotional recovery – she’s back in control and dedicating her life to helping women living with cancer.

Updated: Tuesday 7 January 2020

Simon Webster was a rising star on the cusp of a promising Premier League career when injury brought his life crashing down around him. But his very recovery would teach him to turn his injury into an opportunity – and now he’s helping others get back on their feet.

Updated: Tuesday 7 January 2020

For seven years, Wendy hung up her skirts - too embarrassed to bare her legs in public. Even worse, the bulging veins were impacting what she loved most in life – riding horses. Find out how Wendy took control and got back to loving life.

Updated: Friday 14 December 2018

Does the sight of blood make the room spin? Here's how to fight back against blood-injury-needle phobia and pump up your resistance to fainting.

Updated: Thursday 5 October 2017

Until the day he was diagnosed, Greg Hyatt had never really spoken of prostate cancer. For an otherwise healthy man, just 49 at the time, it wasn't on his radar - until a routine health assessment picked up not one but two lumps. Now he wants other men to speak up.

Updated: Tuesday 7 February 2017

Having a CT or MRI scan can be a little intimidating. That's why our Manchester Diagnostic Suite has installed ambient technology to help put control back into the hands of the patient. Experience it for yourself here.

Updated: Friday 7 October 2016

The invention of the Oxford Knee revolutionised orthopaedic surgery. This short documentary charts the innovations of the last 40 years that have made it one of the most successful and widely used partial knee replacements in the world.

Updated: Friday 6 May 2016

It takes years of hard work and incredible talent for tennis players to earn a place at Wimbledon. The famous grass courts are reserved for athletes at the top of their game, so it’s only right that a pair of 10-year-olds from the Nuffield Health Tennis Academy in Hull have been invited to take centre stage.