Audio story | One man's vasectomy

A year since first discussing it with his wife, Jason Tooley is about to get a vasectomy. We go inside the operating theatre to hear what it's really like to get the snip.

Jason and Kerry Tooley have a happy and healthy 14-month-old son, Jake. With him in their lives, they are content and ready to call their family complete. Like so many couples approaching their mid-40's they're looking at the big picture - they still want an active sex life, but feel the opportunity for more children has passed.

For serving Royal Marine Jason, that means getting a vasectomy.

It just so happens that the surgeon preparing to sterilise Jason is Mr Anthony Lambert, a Consultant General Surgeon at Nuffield Health Plymouth Hospital and an old military mate whom he met during a tour of duty in Afghanistan.

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Last updated Tuesday 7 January 2020

First published on Monday 19 October 2015