A simple guide to class booking

Don’t risk missing out! Book your fitness class online and secure your place in the room. Here’s how.

Getting started with class booking

Booking a class at a Nuffield Health Fitness & Wellbeing Gym is simple. To begin, you must be logged into your account. Login access is in the top right corner of your screen on any nuffieldhealth.com page. All members of Nuffield Health Fitness & Wellbeing Gyms are entitled to an account. Your club can set you up with login details if you don't already have them. For more information, go to the FAQ page.  

Once logged in click GYMS in the top navigation. Scroll down and click on 'FIND A GYM' and type in your postcode or search by region to find your nearest gym. Click on the gym name to select.

Selecting your class

From your local gym’s page, click ‘BOOK AND VIEW CLASSES’ at the top of the page.

You can select your class and refine by the time of day and class type. If you’d like more information on the class and instructors, click 'CLASS DETAILS'. You can book any class up to seven days in advance, but note that bookings close half an hour before the class begins.

To select a class click 'ADD'. This class will be added to your basket. You can book as many as you like. Click 'BOOK' to confirm your booking.

Waiting lists

If a class that you would like to attend is fully booked, you will be offered the option to join the waiting list online. If you join the waiting list, you will receive an email to confirm that you are on the waiting list in a ‘first come first served’ queue.

If a place becomes available, then the member at the top of the waiting list will be automatically booked onto the class. An email will be sent advising that this booking has been made.

To see classes you have booked or are on the waiting list for, click on' MANAGE CLASSES' or 'MY ACCOUNT'. If you can’t attend a class, you can cancel it here up to thirty minutes before it begins. You can also reset your password from this view.

Last updated Thursday 16 February 2017

First published on Monday 14 November 2016