5 reasons to take advantage of your free Health MOTs

Wednesday 13 April 2016
Regular Health MOTs are included in every gym member’s package. Here’s just five of many reasons we think they’re invaluable.

When you join Nuffield Health gyms, and at any point throughout your membership, you can get a free Health MOT. Health MOTs offer a chance to sit down 1-2-1 with a highly qualified Personal Trainer and have a series of fast and painless tests to benchmark your fitness. So why are they worth your time?

1. To flag any potential health issues

Our Health MOTs aren’t just about your fitness, they offer a number of clinical tests to determine your basic state of health. By testing your cholesterol and blood pressure, for example, our Health Mentors and Wellbeing Personal Trainers will be able to flag any potential issues that could need further attention before they become a real problem.

2. To help you identify and achieve goals 

For many people, identifying what they want to improve can be a challenge in itself. Using aerobic fitness tests, resting heart rate, BMI and waist to hip ratio measurements Health MOTs help you to discover areas of improvement and set appropriate goals.

If you already know what you want to achieve our Health Mentor or Wellbeing PT will discuss your long-term aspiration and help to break this down into small, achievable steps, making you more likely to succeed.

3. To receive a bespoke fitness programme

Once you’ve identified your goals, we will create a bespoke fitness programme to follow that will give you the best chance of reaching your targets.

4. To benchmark your progress

After your first Health MOT, every other one will show your progress. If you’ve been working hard towards a goal, you’re likely to see a marked improvement. And if personal success isn't motivation enough, you'll also be rewarded with the options of free PT sessions, free membership or free gym passes for friends.

If you don’t see an improvement, it’s still a great chance to speak to your Health Mentor or Wellbeing PT and adjust your programme.

5. To give you 1-2-1 time with a highly qualified Health Mentor

Our Health Mentors and Wellbeing PTs are not only qualified PTs, they also receive additional clinical training. Meeting regularly with them gives you the opportunity to ask questions about your wellbeing and lean on their expertise to keep you on top form.

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