What is Nuffield Health 24/7?

Nuffield Health 24/7 is a new digital fitness platform that’s completely free to access for Nuffield Health Fitness & Wellbeing Centre members. It's available online or via the iOs, Android, Amazon and Apple TV apps.

How do I access Nuffield Health 24/7?

You can access Nuffield Health 24/7 in the following ways:

  • Visit the Nuffield Health 24/7 home page
  • Log in to your Nuffield Health account and, once you have opted in to the Nuffield Health 24/7 service, this will be visible on a banner as you log in
  • Download the Nuffield Health 24/7 app: available for iOs, Android, Amazon and Apple TV.

How do I get a Nuffield Health.com account?

Please follow these steps to set-up your online account;

  1. If you have been sent an email from Nuffield Health inviting you to click an activation link, please click the link provided in the email
  2. If you haven't received an email, call our Customer Support Team on 0300 123 5084 to request an account activation email
  3. Open the email (please check your ‘Junk’ folder in case it’s automatically delivered there)
  4. Click on the link in the email and follow the instructions in order to finish creating your account.

Note: If you don’t receive an email, there may be a problem with the information we hold on your record, such as a missing or incorrect email address. Please contact your gym during our normal opening hours and our staff will update your details.

The Nuffield Health 24/7 banner does not appear when I log in to NuffieldHealth.com, what do I do?

Please contact us on 0300 123 5084.

How do I log in?

Once you have created a NuffieldHealth.com account, you will be able to opt in to use the Nuffield Health 24/7 service from the My Account homepage. Alternatively, you can log in via the apps using your NuffieldHealth.com account information.

I am clicking on the ‘Need help?’ link when trying to log in but can’t see what to do?

Please contact us on 0300 123 5084

Is my username and password the same as my NuffieldHealth.com account?

Yes, your email address will be the same as the one you use for your NuffieldHealth.com account.

I know my email address but have forgotten my password, what should I do?

You can reset your password by clicking on the Forgotten Your Password? link on the Account Login page. Enter the email address you used when you signed up as a member and created your account.

Do I need to log in to Nuffield Health 24/7 every time I want to use it?

No, Nuffield Health 24/7 will remember who you are once you have logged in, unless you clear your cookies.

What happens if I don’t receive an email?

Please check your junk email folder as the emails might have gone there.

Please head to the Nuffield Health 24/7 homepage to sign up. If you still can’t manage to log in, please call our support line on 0300 123 5084.

I am a member but my email address isn't working?

Make sure you have linked your NuffieldHealth.com account to our 24/7 service. Do this by logging into your account on any mobile or desktop account and following the NH 24/7 ‘sign up now’ banner.

If you have done this and your email address still isn’t working, please contact our Customer Support Team on 0300 123 5084 between 8am and 5pm, Monday to Friday and we will be happy to help.

I have changed my email address since opting in to Nuffield Health 24/7 and would like my Vimeo email log in address to be updated to my new email address, how do I do this?

Please email OnlineSupport@nuffieldhealth.com to let us know of your change in email address and we can update this for you.

I don’t have an email address. What can I do?

At the moment, you do need an email address in order to set-up an account and use Nuffield Health online services. There are a number of free email services available on the Internet. Once you have set-up your email, please contact your gym and our staff will be happy to update your details.

I’ve clicked on the link sent to my email address but it’s showing me locked videos?

Please make sure you have clicked on ‘Sign in now’ from the email and not 'Browse'.

What apps can I download?

You can download apps on iOs, Android, Amazon Firestick and Apple TV.

How do I download Nuffield Health 24/7 on an app?

Search ‘Nuffield Health 24/7’ on either the App Store, Google Play or Amazon app store and click download.

As a non-gym member can I pay to use Nuffield Health 24/7?

Not currently, but stay tuned as we are working on this.

Can I still access Nuffield Health 24/7 when my membership is frozen?

Yes, as a gym member of Nuffield Health you will still get access to the Nuffield Health 24/7 platform when your membership is on freeze.

Can I still access Nuffield Health 24/7 if my club closes due to local lockdown restrictions?

Yes, we developed Nuffield Health 24/7 to allow you to access fitness content on demand, anytime, anywhere.

The website/ the app isn't responding! What can I do?

Please report any issues to onlinesupport@nuffieldhealth.com.

If you have any feedback about Nuffield Health 24/7 or the content we have on it, please contact us here.

My videos aren’t playing! A black screen is being shown when I am trying to watch videos. What can I do?

You may be using the service on an unsupported browser. From January 2021 Nuffield Health 24/7 videos will not play on Internet Explorer as Flash Player is unsupported.

Please use Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Safari to watch our videos on a web browser.