Health tests and scans at Nuffield Health

Nuffield Health doctor patientThere are so many reasons to come to Nuffield Health for a diagnosis, the most obvious advantage is the speed.

Rapid results

Rather than anxiously waiting for weeks or months, a rapid appointment is arranged at your convenience and speedily followed by test results. We can even often offer same day appointments in some circumstances.

If necessary, you can quickly get started with treatment, meaning you’ll be back to your old self as quickly as possible. In some cases we can treat you without the need for a large incision or less targeted treatments.


Your examination and medical tests will take place in comfortable, elegant surroundings with the very highest standards of cleanliness and clinical care while you undergo investigations.

The fact that we are a proud not-for-profit organisation means that we don’t have shareholders to pay. As a result, we can afford to place the most up-to-date diagnostic equipment and the finest specialists at your command.

Latest equipment and techniques

At Nuffield Health we are always looking at ways to treat you more effectively with advanced diagnostics. This means that not only can we provide you with rapid and reassuring access to the latest tests and scans, but also offer advanced diagnostic techniques, such as interventional radiology, to help you get better, faster.

Interventional radiology means we can use small cameras inside your body to make a diagnosis, for example during an angiogram or even to perform corrective procedure such as an angioplasty.

Normally, you will need a referral from a GP or a consultant for our diagnostic services. Talk to your doctor or call 0845 602 9262 to find out more.