Leeds Hospital
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Cardiology at Leeds Hospital

Nuffield Health Leeds Hospital offers dedicated, private cardiology services, for the assessment and treatment of cardiovascular disease in both adults and children.


Our range of diagnostic investigations and interventional procedures includes:

  • ECG – Records electrical activity of the heart, looking at rate and rhythm.
    • Spirometry – measurement of lung volumes and capacity.
    • Ambulatory ECG analysis – continuous ECG recording for 24 – 48 hours or longer.
    • Exercise ECG stress testing – measures the heart’s ability to respond to increasing physical effort and can indicate ischaemic change. 
  • Pulse OX saturation monitoring: the monitoring of overnight oxygen saturation in the blood, to determine whether a patient may have Obstructive Sleep Apnoea.
  • Echocardiography (2D and 3D) - Looks at heart dimensions, structure and functions using ultrasound.
    • Transoesophageal – further detailed evaluation of the internal structure of the heart.
    • Stress – Evaluates changes in heart muscle function at increased heart rates, either by treadmill or pharmaceutical means.
    • Contrast /Bubble studies – additional information of blood flow through the heart.
  • Cardioversion - Electrical conversion of abnormal heart rhythms.

Interventional Suite

Invasive cardiac testing is performed in our multi-purpose interventional suite. Our high-tech lab also includes rotablation and IVUS (intravascular ultrasound).

  • Diagnostic coronary angiography - Invasive insertion of a fine tube under x-ray guidance via the arm or groin into the heart to look at the coronary circulation, valves and function.
  • PCI - Percutaneous Coronary Intervention – Balloon angioplasty and insertion of stents to alleviate coronary disease.
  • Loop Recorders - Implantation of a longer term ECG monitoring device
  • Pacemakers (treating brady and tachycardic arrhythmias) - The implantation of cardiac pacemaker usually under local anaesthetic to treat abnormal heart rate and rhythms. We also offer programming and follow-up testing.

A consultant paediatric Cardiologist is available for consultation, ECG and Echo for children and GUCH (grown-up congenital heart disease patient). We also treat ASD (Atrial Septal Defect), PFO (Patent Foramen Ovale) and PDA closure devices.