Nuffield Health PathologyIntegrated labs

Nuffield Health has a national, integrated laboratory testing service with a network of fully accredited laboratories around the country. We are integral in supporting and delivering the Nuffield Health vision of healthcare. We are experienced in delivering pathology services to our 31 hospitals through a network of hospital-based hub and spoke laboratories.

With our enhanced specialist investigation laboratory facility in Warwickshire, we provide what we believe is a unique leading-edge service provision model.

Our experience of providing pathology services in support of both routine and increasingly complex surgery delivered via 31 hospitals with c.1400 beds, multiple theatres and HDUs means that continuous improvement is high on the pathology agenda.

We use a Laboratory Information System (Winpath), that provides a full management solution of all requests and reports. The layout of pathology reports can be customised to meet individual requirements. In addition, we now offer Cyberlab; a web-based paperless system of reporting pathology results.

Near you

No matter where the test is required, there is a Nuffield Health diagnostics location nearby where experienced staff can take samples and provide (in most cases) same-day results.

What we offer

Below are just some of the profiles and screens we perform to assist in diagnosis, assessment and monitoring of potential ill health.

  • Allergy testing
  • Drug and medication monitoring
  • Food handler screen
  • Driving risk testing
  • Thrombotic risk screen
  • Travel screens (before and after trip)
  • Workplace drug testing
  • Wellness screen
  • Fatigue screen
  • Osteoporosis screen
  • Vitamin screen
  • Sexual health screen
  • Core biochemistry screen (annual health check)
  • Haematology profiles
  • Cardiovascular risk
  • Liver investigations (including Hepatitis)
  • Rheumatology profiles
  • Endocrine investigations
  • Upper abdominal screen
  • Pruritus (itching) assessment
  • Chronic kidney disease monitoring
  • Respiratory viral screen
  • Sports performance assessment
  • Memory loss assessment

If you have specific requirements, suggestions or wish to develop profiles for particular needs, please contact us to discuss your requirements on or ring 08456 034 346.