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Nuffield Health surgeonsDid you know that Nuffield Health can treat patients on the NHS?

NHS patients receiving treatment at a Nuffield Health Hospital can expect the same exacting standards of personal service and professional care as our fee-paying guests.

Patients referred through the NHS are not charged for the treatments or food, but they will be charged for any extras such as telephone calls, newspapers, magazines and visitors meals, as with most NHS facilities.

For more information about getting treated on the NHS, have a look at the NHS Choose and Book website.

For information about NHS services available at Nuffield Health Hospitals, see a list of Nuffield Health locations on the NHS Choices Website.

Nuffield Health Formulary Statement

27.1.1 Publication and accessibility of Formulary:

Nuffield Health has a national formulary that uses the electronic British National Formulary (eBNF) as a platform. Nuffield Health does not have a local formulary because Consultants are engaged from various NHS Trusts/Foundation Trusts (FTs). The prescribing of medication for NHS patients is undertaken in accordance with the local formulary of the relevant NHS Trust/FT. Please refer to the local NHS Trust/FT for information on local formulary prescribing. 

27.1.2 Relevant NICE Technology Appraisals:

Each Nuffield Health hospital is able to provide local information on the implementation of NICE Technology Appraisals (TA) which are relevant to the treatment of NHS patients in Nuffield Health.

27.1.3 Availability of treatments recommended in positive NICE Technology Appraisals:

NICE TA are not always applicable since Nuffield Health does not necessarily provide the treatment under NHS contract. However, each Nuffield Health hospital will liaise with the NHS locally to ensure continuity of care for any NHS contract patients already receiving treatment