Weight management programme - Keeping you on track

Keep a workbook journal to document your progressTrack progress with your workbook

Physical activity and exercise, diet, sleep, stress and your emotions, are all essential elements of your weight management programme. So to make sure your weight management programme is as effective as possible, it’s important to chart your progress, plan future activity and be able to deal with problems across all these areas.

Your Physiologist will supply you with a workbook to track your daily diet and lifestyle and also your daily activity and exercise.

See how you are progressing in our programme review sessions

Your Physiologist is there to help you stay focused and achieve your goals. So it’s good to catch up with them at regular intervals to check on your progress.

You'll be scheduled for regular 30 minute review sessions throughout the programme. You'll also have more in depth 60 minute review sessions at key points throughout the programme, where measurements and further health checks will be performed.

Our workbooks and recipe books are full of hints and tips for healthier living. Plus at the end of your programme your Physiologist will spend time with you to design a weight and lifestyle plan that will help you maintain your achievements and continue moving towards a healthier and happier life. We are here to support you.