Meet Our Experts - November 2012: Energy events

Energy events

Attend a free 'Energy' event near you

Lots of things affect our energy levels, from food and sleep to exercise and caffeine. At our free Meet Our Experts events this November we’re focusing on ways you can maximise your energy levels.

Our expert Physiologist will be on hand to guide you through simple tips to boost your day-to-day energy levels.  

  • Learn about the Glycemic Index and how you can use that knowledge to fend off afternoon “crashes” by helping stabilise your blood sugar levels
  • Understand the impact sleep has on your waking hours, including the impact of even missing out on an hour a night
  • Get to the bottom of how caffeine and alcohol really affect you
  • And our fitness team will be on hand to demonstrate exercises to help you get active, because using no energy gives us no energy

If you suffer from afternoon sluggishness, general fatigue or just want more information on what you can do to improve your energy levels, attend a free Meet Our Experts event near you.

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