Our offering

Our capacity to integrate wellbeing solutions is unique

Your wellbeing supplier should manage your company’s health programme as flexibly and transparently as you run your own business.

Which makes choosing your provider a simple task.

Because Nuffield Health is the only UK supplier with the knowledge and experience to design and deliver the variety of wellbeing solutions that businesses need today.

All fitting seamlessly in to a fully integrated health programme.

From new-joiner health checks to programmes for an ageing workforce. From physiotherapy at your premises to a complete on-site health clinic with fitness centre and specialist staff such as GPs and nutritionists. Time-saving vaccination schemes for travellers - even personal trainers and relaxation therapists for your employees.

Here are some of our more popular corporate services:

We also take the pressure off your Facilities, HR and Finance managers by tailoring our funding and management support to suit their needs.

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