Wellbeing in the workplace

Putting employee wellbeing firmly on the agenda

Nuffield Health’s joint research with Ashridge Business School aims to help you understand what corporate wellbeing is and why you should care about it.

Our literature review, released in March, looked at what the current state and general trends of corporate wellbeing are. With our latest research we aim to help you develop your own strategy.

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Landmark research into workplace wellbeing

From this research we have devised six ‘lenses’ that determine the strategic imperative driving employer’s attention to health and wellbeing today:

  • Wellbeing culture
  • Sustaining high performers 
  • War for talent 
  • Productivity and absence control  
  • Compliance and risk management 
  • Cost of Ill-health provision

Click the image to the right to download the full research entitled 'Developing a strategy for employee wellbeing; a framework for planning and action’.

What does this research show?

The research highlights that by reflecting your strategy through these six lenses an effective wellbeing programme is designed. This successful programme will provide the optimal mix of products to remove barriers to access and ensure services are used effectively.

In a survey with more than 1000+ employees, 60% of finance directors and 72% of HR directors believe workplace health issues threaten UK competitiveness.

Wellbeing in the workplace Infographic

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