Health Assessment

From the lifestyle health assessment to our executive health care programme, we have pioneered the use of physiologists in all our health assessments to ensure ever important lifestyle factors such as sleep, stress and nutrition are addressed as well as behavioural change and on-going support. The range of tests and advice available allow you to truly understand the health of your employees. We have also focussed on emotional wellbeing, productivity and perceived stress.

Nuffield HealthScore

Nuffield HealthScore is a clinically validated online mobile tool; one that combines the latest knowledge about fitness and wellbeing with the latest smart technology. Nuffield HealthScore has been developed in collaboration with a team of medical professionals, an independent advisory board, statisticians, and world-renowned academic health experts. Our new health assessments automatically connect your employees' data to their HealthScore priorities, providing a clinically robust tool that supports their on-going health journey anytime, anywhere.


Many of the test results will be available immediately and available for discussion at the end of the assessment or through our new health portal two weeks after the assessment. The Nuffield Health physiologist will take time to make sure your employees fully understand the results as well as creating an action plan that is designed to improve health outcomes after the assessment.

Expert Support*

A follow up appointment with a Nuffield Health Doctor or physiologist can be scheduled to ensure that progress is being made, obstacles have been overcome, motivation is kept high and that we continue to support employees as part of their health journey.

*Scheduled by separate agreement.

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