The Nuffield Health Journey

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This report is a journey through Nuffield Health. It is a milestone along our path to measure where our progress has taken us today and where it will lead us tomorrow.

Fundamentally Nuffield Health is about people and the journeys that they make. No two are ever alike.

It might be travelling the daunting road from cancer to recovery.

It might be trying to shed a stone in time for a wedding.

It might be striving to get everyone in the office pulling together, employer and employees, to make a difference to local and national corporate culture.

Every journey is unique because every human being is; as are the businesses that they create.

This is why we have ensured that almost every permutation of every path that leads to health and wellbeing can be walked within Nuffield Health.

Nuffield Health has built an unparalleled reputation for the highest standards of care, professionalism and expertise, won over the course of half a century of proven excellence. Our own journey has been extraordinary - from our foundation as a hospital group to our transformation into an organisation that provides a truly connected continuum of healthcare where prevention is as prized as cure, and wellbeing as critical as clinical care. We continue to evolve to reach further and higher.

We are Nuffield Health. Welcome to our journey.