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Nuffield Health dataA little about us

Nuffield Health is the UK’s largest not for profit healthcare organisation. We provide clinical, fitness and wellbeing services to the general public, private organisations and the NHS. 

We have been setting the standard in the health sector since 1957. We have a unique approach to improving health in the UK, putting the quality of care and satisfaction of individuals and companies at the heart of what we do and, in the process, improving the health of millions of people.

In 2008 Nuffield Health created a pioneering a new approach to health by integrating prevention, cure and general fitness and wellbeing to ensure our customers benefit from a complete healthcare service. Incorporating fitness and wellbeing centres into our portfolio of hospitals enables us to capitalise on 50 years of clinical expertise and improve proactive health provision in the UK.

Nuffield Health believes that preventative health is the future of healthcare. The NHS will struggle to deliver these services in a way that is meaningful for the UK consumer so it will become essential for individuals to take control of their own health - ideally with the support of their employer. As a not-for-profit organisation, we can re-invest all surplus into helping our clients and members to achieve this.

Those we work with benefit from our pioneering approach which brings together fitness, prevention and cure to create a true end to end service and arm our customers with the support, information and facilities to get healthy – and stay healthy.

Key facts about Nuffield Health

  • We run 31 Hospitals (with 1333 beds and 118 theatres)
  • We run 75 Fitness & Wellbeing Centres
  • We have 39 Medical Centres
  • Have over 200 on-site workplace fitness and wellbeing contracts
  • We are the UK’s leading employee wellbeing provider
  • We have the largest network of physiotherapists (450)
  • We run the UK’s largest health assessment programme
  • We are the UK’s leading report imaging provider
  • We sterilise over 12 million instruments a year
  • We have over 20 million member visits a year.
  • We are the UK's largest network of not-for-profit independent hospitals with two thirds of the British population within an hour’s drive of a Nuffield Health Hospital. 

Helping more than 300,000 people a year 

In 2012 we treated almost half a million patients, worked with 191,000 fitness members and supported the wellbeing needs of over 1,600 businesses

For those customers we delivered:

  • 31,800 general surgical procedures 
  • 36,000 MRI scans
  • Over 93,000 Health MOTs
  • 3,200 people attended our Corporate Meet Our Experts programme
  • 16,200 ophthalmic procedures to improve patients sight
  • 50,600 orthopaedic procedures

More than 11,000 Employees & Partners


  • Over 1,700 nurses
  • Around 3,000 fitness staff
  • 100 physiologists
  • Over 250 physiotherapists
  • 2,000 physiotherapist partners
  • We also work with 3,000+ consultants.

We are Europe’s largest health screener and the UK's largest provider of physiotherapy services outside the NHS.

We are the UK’s largest provider of corporate fitness and have facilities in over 180 sites. We work with companies such as Accenture, Sainsbury’s, Deutsche Bank, Microsoft, British Gas, British Airways, Morgan Stanley, Barclays, Google, BT, Virgin Atlantic and Reuters.

We're award winning

We have won:

  • 2013 Safe Effective Quality Occupational Health Service (SEQOHS) Accreditation
  • 2012 MacMillan Quality Environment Mark attained by Nuffield Health Glasgow and Guildford Hospitals
  • 2012 ISO 27001 Accreditation
  • 2012 Continuity, Insurance and Risk (CIR) Award for Risk Management Team of the Year
  • 2012  OHSAS 18001 accreditation for Health & Safety
  • 2012 Laing and Buisson award for Risk Management
  • 2012 NHS Litigation Authority (NHSLA) level three
  • Finalist for 2011 Laing and Buisson Best Use of Technology in Risk Management.
  • Finalist for 2011 Laing and Buisson Medicines Management and Use of Technology Awards.
  • Winner of 2011 Health Investor Hospital Group of the Year.
  • Winner of the 2011 Flame Award for Integrated Corporate Wellbeing Site.
  • 2011 Member’s Choice Health Club Awards Best National Chain
  • 2011 Health Investor Private Hospital Group of the Year
  • 2008, 2009, 2010 & 2011 Flame Award for Integrated Corporate Wellbeing site
  • 2010 Health Investor Award for Outstanding Contribution to Healthcare – David Mobbs
  • 2010 Laing and Buisson Award for Management Excellence
  • 2010 Health Investor Social Enterprise of the Year
  • 2009 Laing and Buisson Award for Risk management

We're here just for you

We stand for:

  • The consumer - in supporting competition, fairness and the consumer’s right to choose we champion health as it should be
  • Health and wellbeing – we support our customers to achieve success in their health, work and home life.
  • Expertise - our people are experts in their fields and provide excellent care and service.
  • Social enterprise - Nuffield Health is the largest not for profit healthcare organisation in the UK.